Slot machine test: Spaceslot

The space is your goal, at least in the slot game Spaceslot, which carries his theme of course already in the title. If you so happen to have a fondness for science fiction and outer space, then Spaceslot may be the right choice for you in the slot casino anyway. Here, you get the full package, now Sun, planets or even space ships. This is Developer Slotser but not too much on fiction, but shows the space so, like him the people currently can see. From aliens so far and wide, no trace. She especially but not, needs it not for the chances of winning are waiting for you in Spaceslot. And first of all there's the good icons that look just not only nice, but arrange for profits. And if that's not enough, then the bonus features of the game are likely to have their appeal for you. 'Space Quest' is for example the name of the bonus game. And also free games can be obtained here. A wild also are also available, so that a practical Joker available.

Start in this dangerous, but most exciting mission is in the jackpot Casino. So just sign up, buckle up and los is the special trip. Here you can also Spaceslot free play and to see how not only the rocket, but also the gains of the screw is.

Play Spaceslot online now!

Play Spaceslot online

While you can not directly see it but also the Spaceslot slot has five reels on which the symbols are. If you spin the reels once, you'll can easily identify it. There are always three symbols from each reel to see. That's a good thing, because in this way, there are several opportunities for you, that you make profits. To be exact, you can set up to 25 chances, because you can enable as many winning lines in Spaceslot. Each line includes depending on a field of each roll, to the winning series must be made.

A winning line is not any combination in the slot machines, but simply a composite of same symbols. Where the wild as wild can find anywhere a place. You can influence take while on the rotation itself, but the payline and the usage. Choose also your opportunities and the amount of your possible winnings. In the profit table you can see, how much are the various multipliers of the symbols, then the profits will be calculated by the.

Slot game symbols in the Spaceslot online slot

The symbols in the Spaceslot machine game are a great pleasure if you can do something with the theme. Here, older people are again quickly young and the adventurous spirit is aroused. It begins with the planet Saturn, which is of course easy to recognize his ring. It followed the Earth and Mars, as the Moon made an appearance. The Sun is even more. This is followed by some things from a space mission. This includes a rocket, a space shuttle, but also an astronaut. The black cause Loche bonus rounds, the Mars robot to play freely and the Lunar Rover takes over the task of the wilds.

Slot machines instructions by Spaceslot

Astronaut training might be more difficult in any case, as the Spaceslot machines in the casino to play. Here, you have to just login and can jump in the adventure. But you should never lose your balances from the eyes in outer space, because that is an important indicator which strategy you're going to play. Depending on which risk you want to go, you can adjust the number of enabled pay lines and bet.

Conclusion with regard to the Spaceslot test

The slot Spaceslot is one of those games where you can quickly start dreaming. And this in two ways. For one, there are good chances of winning that are to have the functions of the machines by the hand. But the topic is just very exciting and was also associated with the necessary fascination graphically on the rollers. A good work of the developer and also a clear recommendation.

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